Corona Bulletin Europe Bureau Chief Zakir Hossain Sumon from Italy.


Corona Bulletin Europe Bureau Chief Zakir Hossain Sumon from Italy.

Once again, the Covid 19 corona virus is creating a horrible image of panic in the world. For more than a year, Corona’s horror came back to haunt her.

The corona virus of Covid 19 has spread by changing the form of corona in more new ways during vaccination among people in almost all the countries affected by corona. This virus is once again making the world aware of the lack of human awareness. The people of our country are not backward from this. The number of patients suffering from corona is constantly increasing and they are also dying. Bangladesh has also started a 7-day package lock down.

Dear audience, we know that lock down is going on in European countries. The government has taken drastic measures to prevent Corona there. Zakir Hossain Sumon, head of MK Television’s Europe bureau, is currently in Italy. I will let him know. Zakir Hossain Sumon from Italy, Sumon, what is the situation there now? And how long will the lock down last, school college as well as what information do you have about the condition of the businessmen …?

Thank you Sumon. Zakir Hossain Sumon from Italy was with us for so long. I will return to the mountains with the bulletin of the expatriate Corona.
Dear viewers, we all resist the corona from our own homes alone.

I use Max while maintaining social speed. It is better not to go out without urgent work and wash your hands with soap and water. I protect myself from corona and keep my family healthy. And yes, at the same time I keep myself away from crime. Thanks. From Corona Bulletin Desk I am Iftekhar, MK Television.