2256 Rohingyas in Bhasanchar in 5th phase.


2256 Rohingyas in Bhasanchar in 5th phase.

Noakhali Correspondent – In the 5th phase, 2266 Rohingyas have reached Bhasanchar in Noakhali.

They reached there around 2.15 pm on Wednesday. Among them there are 85 women, 563 men and 1029 children.

At around 9 am on the same day, they were taken to Bhasan Char in five ships from the Patenga Navy’s Ready Response Berth in Chittagong. Earlier, they reached Chittagong by road on Sunday. At night they were kept in a temporary camp at BAF Shaheen College ground.

Bhasanchar police officer in charge (OC) said. Mahe Alam said that after the initial medical examination, the Rohingyas were unloaded from the ship, gathered at the ware house and briefed. Later, they will be transferred to the cluster of Bhasan Char.