On the occasion of the Great Martyrs’ Day and International Mother Language Day, the 8th attempt to shoot Rome in Italy was successfully completed.

In the alphabet, alphabet, painting and music competition, the children evoke the image of the language movement in their minds.
Bangladesh Ambassador to Italy Abdus Sobhan Sikder urged patriotism on the occasion of the chief guest as part of the keynote address to convey the correct history of Bangladesh to the next generation of expatriates.

At the same time, the ambassador said in a directional statement that it is possible to build a beautiful country if we can inspire the country to love the children by directing them in the right way.
The leaders of political, social and cultural organizations praised the shootings for the continuation of the five-year continuation of the shoot.

The organizers feel that it is our responsibility and the right of the children to inform the glorious history of Bangladesh. They urged the parents to come forward to build a culture-rich Bangladesh.
The ambassadors and invited guests were awarded the winners with all the contests. They think every child is our future reward.

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