Press conference against CID officer in Saidpur
Staff Reporter (Saidpur) Nilphamari:

Residents of Uttara have held a press conference in Nilphamari’s Saidpur claiming that the CID report was false and fabricated.

The press conference was held on Sunday afternoon at the primary school grounds of the Uttara Housing Project adjacent to the Bhelpirhat. Shabana Begum read the written statement on behalf of Md. Munna, who was the victim of the conference.

According to the press conference, Munnar neighbor Md Anwar Hossain and his son Md Hearts and Abdur Rahim were causing chaos in the area. They captured the eastern enemy and set fire to Munnar’s house on March 23 evening. Police arrested the accused on the basis of the charges. But the protestors were released from the police station at night and blocked the Syedpur-Nilphamari highway the next day.

Out of anger, Anwar Hossain Gong filed a case in the court against four people, including Munna. Assistant Superintendent of Police Ramzan Hossain was given the charge of investigating the case. It was alleged at the conference that the CID officer filed the report on behalf of the plaintiff without having any interaction with the defendant. The conference claims to be a complete lie and fabrication.
At the press conference, local and national newspapers, working journalists, victims Aminul, Munna, Shabana, Dr. Uttara residents including Iqbal took part.

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