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February 14, 2020

গাইবান্ধায় শ্রমিক ইউনিয়ের ত্রি-বার্ষিক নির্বাচন অনুষ্ঠিত

Three-year-old election of workers union was held in Gaibandha Gaibandha Representative: A three-year election of district trucks, tangles, cover vans and tractors transport workers union was held in Gaibandha on Friday 1st February. Voting started at 8am in the hall room of the District Public Library Hall and Club in Gaibandha through joyful atmosphere in…

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ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়ায় প্রতিপক্ষের হামলায় সাবেক ইউপি সদস্য নিহত

Former UP member killed in every party attack in Brahmanbaria Akhaura (Brahmanbaria) Representative: A former UP member, Abu Bakkar Siddique (Locket Member) (1), was killed in an attack on an opposition in eastern Brahmanbaria. The incident took place on Thursday evening in the morning market area of ​​the upazila sadar. He is the son of…

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আগামী বছরে শেষ হচ্ছে আখাউড়া-আগরতলা রেল পথের কাজ

Work on the Akhaura-Agartala Railway is coming to an end next year. The Akhaura-Agartala rail link line will be completed by June next year. Rail connectivity between the two countries will also be launched in the same year. Indian High Commissioner to Dhaka, Righangli Das, said this while visiting the Akhaura-Agartala rail link line at…

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বেনাপোলে একাধিক মামলার আসামীর মরদেহ উদ্ধার

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Benapole defendant’s body recovered in multiple cases Md. Russell Islam, Benapole (Jessore) Representative: Benapole Port Police have recovered the body of Moin Uddin, accused of multiple cases including drugs, from Vaberber village in Jessore. He died on Thursday, February 7, when locals rescued him from a pond behind the Hawk International Hotel in Benapole Bazaar.…

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সাংবাদিকদের উপর হামলার প্রতিবাদে মানববন্ধন ও সমাবেশ

নোয়াখালী প্রতিনিধিঃ News Twenty-four reporters attacked the reporters Humanitarian bonds and rallies of journalists in Noakhali Noakhali Representative: Media activists held a press conference at the Noakhali Press Club on Wednesday morning to protest the terrorist attacks and vandalism and camera snatching of a car with News Twenty-four journalist Fakhrul Islam and camera parsons. Journalists…

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আখাউড়ায় গ্রাহক সেবায় উঠান বৈঠক অনুষ্ঠিত

Holding a meeting for customer service in Akhaura. The Sheikh Hasina initiative, in front of the power house at home, held a meeting at the Akhaura Rural Electricity Zonal Office on Wednesday evening at Gazi Bazaar in the southern union of Akhaura upazila of Brahmanbaria. It was attended by Badal Miah, Assistant General Manager of…

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