Prime Minister inaugurates Rangpur National Drama Festival

PM inaugurates national drama festival in 4 districts through video conference

The month-long drama festival celebrates the beginning of the new year in the country by nurturing language and culture and preventing militancy, degradation and corruption through the development of arts and culture.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this while inaugurating a national drama festival in 4 districts through a video conference.

He has given special importance to the development of culture of the people through the expansion and modernization of industrial arts academy and auditorium at district and upazila level.

On 12th February, Rangpur Town Hall announced the inauguration of this rare historical event with a video conference of staged nine plays simultaneously at the beginning of the Mujib Year in the language of 12th to 25th February in five districts of the country. The Prime Minister spoke with Deputy Commissioner Asib Ahsan and Razzaq Murad, a member of the Group Theater Federation.

During the meeting, Divisional Commissioner KM Tariqul Islam, City Mayor Mostafizar Rahman Mostafa, Metropolitan Police Additional Commissioner Abu Sufyan, Zilla Parishad Chairman Ed. Inauguration officers, political, social, cultural leaders and freedom fighters, including Safia Khanam, district Awami League president Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed, participated.

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