Habib Iftekhar, Chairman of MK Television. Greetings message(Happy birthday)


May all creation be blessed. Keeping this theme in front MK Television is the country and country on the eve of the 5th year Outside audience, advertisers,

advertisers, and all of them Sincere congratulations and congratulations on behalf of MK Television. MK Television plays, plays, songs, poems Each section, including the reclamation, is working to bring it to the root.

All through MK Television’s own self-contained studio Each work through the engineers engaged in the type Visual appearance is expressed in experienced editing Is done Dear visitors You are our only source of encouragement. Thank you for the interest of our work. So are you MK will watch all the news, plays,

recitals, songs etc. on television Finishing this hopefully. All be well and good, Keep yourself away from crime. Allah Hafez..



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